Tuesday, 2 June 2009


So the Electric Entertainment Expo or E3 started yesterday and for a first day it's really couldn't get any better. With the Microsoft press conference, the Ubis oft conference and the EA conferences where all held on the first day. To be honest it's going to be hard for Nintendo and Sony's press conferences to better it. But anyway here’s the big news on what happened yesterday.

Microsoft’s press conference was the first thing to kick off E3 and it did just that. Toney Hawk and Steven Spielberg took the stage along with Microsoft’s reps and… I can’t say his name. So to start of with there showed Beatles Rock Band game which didn’t interest me what so ever. Then Mr Hawk took the stage to chat about his new game Tony Hawk Ride which look bad. The graphics are low res and the skateboard peripheral looks stupid. Why not actually go skate if the controllers going to be a skateboard? Then the showed Modern Warfare 2 which I got exited at (even though half of it included someone climbing up a snowy mountain). But the guns looked interesting and new. The main gun the played had had this little screen that showed heat signatures through the snow and fog. They also showed off some driving bits which looked ok but empty, if not boring. Then after some more gameplay footages from games the news came that the Metal Gear Solid franchise will be coming to the Xbox. Kojima took the stage to announced Metal gear Solid: Rising will be coming to Xbox 360. But did anyone notice that they didn’t say it was exclusive. Then Microsoft should off some really really impressive technology with the Project Natal which is just a super web cam, face it. But still impressive.

And that was it nothing else important was shown… oh wait. They they showed off Halo ODST (which looks terrible) and they teased an new Halo game. But that’s it.

No onto my predictions. I predict that-

For Nintendo
*They will show Wii Resort.
*They will play Wii Resort.
*They will tease new Zelda game.

For Sony
*MGS: Rising announced
*MGS: Peace Walker w
hich will be an exclusive game.
*Heavy Rain demo.
*PSP Go will be shown.
*PS3 slim line will be announced.
*I predicts that Left 4 Dead 2 will be announced on the PS3

And that’s all I can think about now. We’ll have to see what happens later on in the day when I will do another blog. I left a link below to GameTrailers E3 trailer section. So check it out…

GameTrailers E3
Oliver Hunt

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Heavy Rain Impressions

This weeks GTTV focused on a very exiting psychological thriller called Heavy Rain that’s coming exclusively to the PlayStation 3. To be honest, I don’t think many people reading this blog will not know about Heavy Rain. Anyways some new light has been shed on the game which has boosted the game up to my top three most anticipated games of 09.
So first thing that I found well… a fantastic idea is that there are no game over screens. Once you die the story moves on to the next character. There are four character’s in total but only two have been seen. The first one is the woman with short hair, that we saw at last years E3. Well now she’s been confirmed as a journalist who is looking for the scoop of the Origami murders. And the second character is a guy from the FBI who’s investigating the murders (Se7en anyone). I found the, if you die your dead aspect amazing. It’s a mechanic that will work perfectly for a psychological thriller.
They (the developers) also said that there will be a lot of sex and violence in the game. They even showed off footage of the journalist in just her undies dancing round for some guy, which was… strange. But what’s even stranger is that the first footage we saw, which was the journalist breaking and entering someone’s house to snoop around, well all that bit isn’t in the game. No you wont see it. But it showed what to expect. I think the developers should add it in a directors cut material or something along those lines. Anyways the gameplay as far as I know mainly consists of press X to not die scenarios. They showed off the FBI walking around but whether gunplay will come in is a different matter.
The poster (above) for this game even looks good. If the game turns out to be Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophesies, original title) and Metal Gear Solid 4, then I’ll be happy? Hell if it’s mainly press X to not die cut scenes I’ll be happy as long as it’s consistent and doesn’t turn out like the ends of Fahrenheit and more importantly Condemned 2: Blood Shot.
That last thing I am going to say, is how much I am starting to love the sound o this game. You can call it a movie but I love how different factors with change the end of the story. Dead rising on the 360 did this, but I know Heavy Rain will perfect it. I love the direction the game is heading and being a screenwriter myself it’s games like this that are bursting with creativity and inspiration. It is definitely a game in going to get and I hope it comes out this year. Fingers crossed at E3 they sort out a release date (and Batman: Arkham Asylum).

GTTV - episode 213, source material
P.S. I apologies with the paragraphing. Blogspot are in desperate need to work on it because it keeps messing up on both my blogs.

Oliver Hunt

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Team ICO's new project Project Trico trailer!

Youtube link

What can I say? This is going to be big! But is this a real trailer is what people are asking? Anyways for now we are going to believe that it is.

So all the trailer is, is this Bird Cat (or the Birat as I like to call it) and this little low-res boy doing... stuff in some ruins. Really, I think that this trailer is suppose to showcase some of the game mechanics and thats really it. From this it looks great, it looks like what we come to expect from a Team ICO game, their back catalogue being ICO and Shadow Of The Collosus.

But apart from some of the textures being very low res, the game looks fantastic. Let just hope the story is an exiting one like Shadow Of The Colossus’s story.

Sunday, 10 May 2009


PS3 Fanboy MW2 teaser

On the 24th May at the Eastern Conference they (they being Infinity Ward) will be showing off more of that delicious gameplay footage to one of the years most anticipated game, Modern Warfare 2 (no Call Of Duty). But from this something strikes me. The maps look really empty. And what is this? Driving levels? Will it be done well or did they feel they had to do it to contend with games like Battlefield: Bad Company 2?

Anyway check out the video and stop back later in the month to see more of the gameplay.

One last thing, I am aware that I haven’t done a post for over a month now and that have been down to lack of blog popularity and myself being busy by taking priority over the NEW FILM BLOG.

Oliver Hunt

Friday, 10 April 2009

Bioshock 2 Debut HD Gameply Video!

Finally the time has come. We can now watch about 3 minutes of gameplay from one my most anticipated games of the year, Bioshock 2: Sea Of Dreams.

Even though its a short video it still looks amazing. First of all it involves your character (the first Big Daddy, or something?) in hot pursuit of the Big Sister. After running down hallways they arrive in a big dark room. Then the flash light turns on. Now with the flashlight I am even more exited. Because only recently I have gone crazy for survival horror games and horror films and even though the first game is classed as a horror maybe this time they can crank it up to max frights.

Anyways after entering the massive dinner hall you hear the scream of a man. Oh and Tennunbum is still alive ten years after Jack (Bioshock) left. Anyways you continue to pursue the Big Sister as she kills a helpless Splicer for nothing more then dramatic emphasis. Anyways after she runs to the back of the hall she glides over the massive window cracking it and flooding your character. When I first saw this I was like "oh snap" but then realised you a Big Daddy so it doesn't matter. But it was still bloody cool.

Then it cuts to some fight scenes as you protect a little sister. This is mainly what I wanted to see. And it didn't disappoint. The engine has stayed the same so its only some gameplay mechanics and character models that have changed. Anyways I hope in the near future they show more videos.
And don't forget the last menacing words from the little(ish) sister- "I don't think the big sister want you playing with me?"

Bioshock 2 Debut HD Gameply Video

Oliver Hunt

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Assassins Creed 2 has some secrets!

Assassins Creed (to me) was one of the best games back in 07. With some fantastic game mechanics and a great story, it set it’s self apart from other games. Even though the end left it’s self to the imagination to piece together it was brilliant. Now the second has had a teaser released to get people exited. And for some reason the Ubisoft have taken the Infinity Ward approach to teaser creating. In that they show a bunch of random clips they and the fanboys go crazy.

I find it fascinating and frustrating at these teasers because on one hand I like how people decrypt it however it is frustrating because I just want to see some gameplay clips, just like Lost Planet 2 did with its first trailer.

Anyways the teaser is a cool one. And From the trailer below it shows some interesting things, like how it would be set in Venice? Or that the assassin can swim and glide through the air. Check out the video at the bottom to see the interesting secrets people have found in the teaser.

GT Pop-Block Assassins Creed 2

Official Assassins Creed 2 site

Oliver Hunt

Monday, 6 April 2009

Don't Miss This Thursdays GTTV!

For anyone who don't keep up to date with the recent news, GTTV (GameTrailers TV) have a fantastic show lineds up. Just check out the promo link below.

BIOSHOCK 2 GAMEPLAY! PUNCH OUT NEWS! AND KILLZONE2 NEWS? DLC? AND Peter Mollenue has something to say about Fable 2 DLC, who cares? Anyways what a shot that will be so be sure to watch it on Thursday as 1am (American time).

Oliver Hunt